colin Versatility is the key to the success of my photography. If it's best I step back and let things unfold, I will. If I need to step in and give you some direction, I can do that too. Above all, I want the images I create to feel authentic to you and your family. Whether this is at your home or at your kids favorite park. It's up to you. We are capturing your kids, the way you know them, so that memory will last for a lifetime.

Snack time, diaper changes, no problem. Photo sessions are non stressful and meant to be a lot of fun for everyone. Now, not all kids warm up the same and may need you to help them break out of there shell. This is one of the reasons why threre are no strict time limits during the photo shoot.

Every portrait session package also includes a Planning Meeting. This one-on-one consultation with Colin is a wonderful opportunity for me to learn as much as we can about our little clients and their parents. Getting to know my clients enables me to know which moments will mean the most for us to capture. We'll discuss activities, special items that will be included and clothing suggestions.